Purell Adv Aloe 8oz Pump (2 Pack)

February 4, 2018 - Comment

Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Product Features Manufacturer: Purell Related posts: PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer – Hand Sanitizer Gel, 2L Pump Bottle – 9625-04-EC PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer – Hand Sanitizer Gel with Refreshing Aloe, 1L Pump Bottle (Pack of 2) – 3081-02-EC PURELL Naturals Advanced Hand Sanitizer – Hand Sanitizer Gel with Essential Oils,

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G.M.L.R. says:

Good stuff. The best when it comes to hand sanitizer. Antibacterial and skin softening usually don’t go together, but for what this is it does leave your skin slightly soft where others rip your hands apart. The other thing I like about this that I ran across accidentally is that I keep one in my car and from hot to zero temps it doesn’t get nasty or freeze (others I’ve tried do) so I can have it handy for whatever yuck happens in the car without having to carry another thing in my purse.

Tina the S. says:

Purell Adv Aloe 8oz Pump (2 pack) … Good stuff to have on hand, especially around sick kids or family members…especially when easy and quick clean-up is needed…caregivers should find this handy when they need to clean their hands or selves when away from the sink!

MEW says:

Handy clean up after messy clean up sessions with my dogs This is so handy to have after cleaning up serious messes. One pump and your hands are sanitary again. I don’t use it frequently but I like having it when I need it. The aloe helps not drying out skin after use.

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